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Get what you need to thrive at home -- with phone & video support from licensed experts.
About Us

Gerry Care is the first care solution designed especially for older Americans living on their own, and their families.

“Gerry Care is exactly what we needed. They provided a personalized plan that helped keep mom safe at home, well stocked on the essentials, and excited about her new friend to talk with.”
Joanna T
Now living in Houston, Texas

Why Gerry Care

Minimize worry about COVID-19

Our service is entirely virtual to eliminate any risk of infection and keep your (or your loved one’s) fear at bay.

Track emotional & cognitive well-being

Gerry Concierge are licensed social workers uniquely equipped to track and evaluate emotional & cognitive trends over routine video check-ins. Weekly and monthly reports are confidentially shared with key family members as desired.

Coordinate essential services

We coordinate services like grocery & prescription delivery, identify red flags, and intervene whenever necessary.

Protect against social isolation

We provide families with a convenient, caring, and energetic companion for their older loved one on a weekly (and as-needed) basis.

No tech savvy required

The first thing we do with new clients is understand what technology they're familiar with, help them with basic functions (e.g. how to join weekly video calls) and take care of the rest for them.

Manage in-home care (if needed)

For clients requiring in-home care, we offer care coordination at an additional fee. We leverage our extensive proprietary data on in-home health providers to ensure that each client receives the unique care they need to maintain their independence and health.

Starting at $79 per month

Sign up today and get your 1st month free.

We understand the pressure that COVID-19 has put on seniors and their families. We are offering a free 1-month trial of our full package, high-touch service to help ease the burden.

Meet a Gerry Concierge

Hi, I'm Victoria!
“I love helping seniors in all parts of their life, and use a transparent and conversational approach. I share details of my life and family to help my clients feel comfortable sharing theirs as well.”
Victoria Woods, M.S.W. NYU | 7+ years of experience
Licensed Social Worker at Gerry
Our Process

How Gerry Care Works

Your Gerry Care Package includes:
Personal Concierge
Upon signup, we’ll immediately match you with a Gerry Concierge (“GC”) suited to your unique needs.
‘Get to know you’ diagnostic
As a first step, your GCM will schedule an introductory call and do a friendly assessment of cognitive & emotional well-being. Our GCMs are trained to collect these insights through conversation - without impersonal surveys or forms.
Weekly video chats
Going forward, your GCM will connect with you on scheduled weekly video calls. These calls will be fun and friendly, and enable you to share any thoughts, questions or concerns with your GCM.
Well-being updates & reports
Based on the initial diagnostic and ongoing calls, your GCM will share weekly reports about trends in your well-being. These reports are stated in plain, understandable English - and, when relevant, include clear interventions.
One-time set up of essentials
In addition to weekly video calls, your GCM will work with you to ensure that physical essentials like groceries and prescriptions are provided for on a recurring basis. We leverage technology as makes sense, but only to make things easier for all involved.
Ongoing assistance and troubleshooting
For any questions, concerns, or needs -- regarding groceries or how you're feeling -- we’re available. We ensure responses within 24 hours to any comment or question.

Our promise to families

From our team to you
We take our work seriously & consider our clients members of our own families. Your family’s well being is our first priority, always.
With prior consent, we share all relevant information with you about your loved one’s well-being in a HIPAA compliant manner. From routine evaluations of their emotional & cognitive state to potential issues with groceries, prescriptions, or their health, we’ll keep you informed and at ease.
All Gerry Concierge are licensed social workers with 5+ years of experience working with seniors. Our weekly evaluations blend the latest in academic research and applied science.
Friendly face
Our concierge love their work and clients. Conversations are friendly, intimate, and joyful whenever possible. They provide the insights needed for our cognitive/emotional evaluations without impersonal surveys or forms.
Personalized and data-driven approach
We are methodical, reliable, and data-driven. We personalize each of our client engagements based on the unique needs and preferences of the senior and their family.
Ongoing Convenient Support
We forge ongoing, routine relationships with families and are always just a phone call, text, or email away.

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